Sample Menu


Instead of an a-la-carte menu, we treat the restaurant as our home, and diners as guests invited to eat with us. In fact we have no choice but to host our guests this way. Siamack and I have never worked in restaurants before. Cooking to order from a menu is simply too complicated for us. So we prefer you to not worry about choosing – you get it all!

You will notice a mix of Indian, Iranian, Palestinian and Israeli dishes on the menus. Some are spicy and all are full flavoured with complexity, depth and texture.

Nothing is uncomfortably spiced. And if a dish happens to be more spicy than the rest, there will also be yoghurt on the menu to calm it down.





Again, this is a set menu which changes at least every couple of days. Once again there is no choice. Except for dessert which is an additional/optional.





Our Brunch menu includes all-you-can-drink, coffee, Iranian cardamom tea, Indian Masala Chai (tea) and freshly squeezed fruit juice. And as with our evening menu, the portions are generous. So feel free to bring your own boxes.

Brunches are special, family occasions which start at 11h and last orders at 14h30 so we can close by 16h.