Cook With Varinder

Cookery Lessons

Whether it’s a cookery show you are watching or a cookery book recipe you are following, there is one huge missing element: Taste

How do you really know what a dish should taste like? When to know it’s ready? How to get the most out of the ingredients as you cook/prepare your dishes?

Each Tuesday I have space for a maximum 8 students to come and learn to cook some of my favourite dishes. There will be lots of tasting, tips and tricks, and time to enjoy the finished dishes together with my favourite wines.

This cook-along is for you if you have vegetarian kids, vegetarian guests for dinner, or vegetarian family members you want to delight. Even if you are a vegetarian yourself, you will learn new methods and techniques to give flavour and depth to your everyday dishes.
Click Below to contact me or WhatsApp me for available spaces and do let me know if you have a preferred Tuesday.