Cook With Varinder

Cook along

Our cook-alongs aren’t what you might expect. The reason is that we focus on something that no cookery book or TV cookery show can give you – taste. And how to achieve the correct taste. By correct, I mean the tastes and aromas I grew up with and use as my quality benchmark.

Don’t expect a large number of attendees, we try to limit the numbers to 6, which is why we have a waiting list.

Don’t expect to chop onions or vegetables. Because you already know how. We don’t want to waste your time since we only have 3 hours (+ an hour for lunch)

Do expect to taste a curry from the instant we start cooking and after each ingredient is added so you can understand how the taste changes and how to adjust it.

Do expect to go through many tasting spoons or use your fingers to taste.

Don’t expect to sit at the bar looking into the kitchen. You are free to come and lift the lids off our pots and taste (don’t touch the rice though!), whenever you wish. Imagine you are in my home!

Do expect to understand how to tell when a curry/sauce is ready. Or how to make sure your rice is cooked.

Do expect to learn many tips and tricks to get deliciousness from your ingredients.

Do expect to learn how to set out and present your dishes.

Don’t expect to rush home at the end of the course, because we invite you to join us and eat all of the dishes we have made with wine.

Finally, the course isn’t about ‘teaching’, it’s about ‘showing’ you how we do it. To make our dishes accessible and inspire you to make your own versions. Don’t forget, everything I make is about delicious, indulgent, comfort food. There are no secret recipes. But we will share our tips and tricks to make the ordinary, extraordinary with depth and flavour! And most importantly, give you taste benchmarks bring your cooking to.

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