How can anyone call me a restaurant?

You, reader, might have found me searching Google under ‘restaurants’. I might have chairs and tables like a restaurant. Inside you may see a bar area and a kitchen like a restaurant. And I might give you a bill at the end of your meal, just like a restaurant. But I refuse to be thought of as a restaurant because I’m a home kitchen. Making fresh food each and every day.

There are no choices or selections to be made. I’ll bring you everything on my board which lists that day’s or evening’s dishes.

If you run low on a dish or two, I’ll bring you more. You won’t leave hungry.

If you can’t finish a dish or two because I’ve overfed you, you can take it home.

You might also want to help by bringing your empty plates into the kitchen. I don’t encourage it, but some of you insist.

You can even simply walk out without paying, go home and pay me by bank transfer, at your own convenience. Just make sure you get you bill first 🙂

You see, when you enter, Food with Varinder, you have entered my world. And you are eating the same dishes passed down to me by my family or discovered on my travels. And I have made everything that day, fresh. Which is why you need to book ahead. Not because I want to be exclusive. But because I don’t waste or freeze food. And I only make enough for people who have reserved.

So I look forward to welcoming you to savour my family favourites. Down to my great grandmother’s Garam masala recipe which I grind myself. No short cuts. No compromises. Only my very best memories. Served to you on a plate.