1) I cook for you the way I cook for friends and family when they visit my home. The menu is varied, indulgent, comforting and surprising. I also never give my guests a choice in what I make. I decide everything and make sure the taste, flavour and texture combinations work together. However, if you have any food intolerances or follow particular diets, please let me know when you reserve your table – by filling in the comments box. I will always do my best to make sure everyone enjoys everything!


2) I only cook for the number of guests coming on a particular evening. I hate wasting food and always provide doggy bags for those who can’t finish my generous portions. Our regular guests even bring their own boxes so please don’t hesitate to bring your own – even if it’s your first time.


3) I do bring a lot of food to the table. You see, I’m Indian. And guests leaving my restaurant feeling hungry is simply unacceptable. So be prepared! 


4) Water, both sparkling and still, is free and from the tap or Soda Stream. My husband, Siamack, and I hate being charged for water in restaurants. So why would we charge our guests?


5) Siamack and I also hate double sittings. So when you reserve your table, it’s yours all evening. We want you to relax and savour our food, ambience and (if you want to) our conversation.


6) Everything I make is freshly made on the day. If I have time, however, I prefer to make my sauces the day before so the flavours can develop. We don’t use frozen food – perhaps peas – or deep fry anything.


7) I grind my own spices. My Garam Masala, for example, is my grandmother’s recipe. Which you can buy.


8) I bake fresh bread or naan every day. I also bake or make all of my own desserts, fresh on the day, or when it’s cheesecake or Tiramisu, the day before so they can properly chill.


9) I shop for my ingredients at Mabru , FreshMed, City Express, Super Areya and Colruyt.


10) Food with Varinder is a strictly reservations only restaurant. Because we are small and are often booked a couple of weeks in advance. If you can’t find a date that suits you, please email me reserve@foodwithvarinder.com and let me know what the latest time is that you can come join me and on which date. We sometimes have diners who arrive early and will leave early, in which case we are happy to offer their table to you. The same works in reverse, some diners will come late so we can offer you their tables with a time limit.


I can also add you to our standby list in case of no-shows. It does happen from time to time.